Master Economie du Développement parcours International Audit Economics and Finance

The MSc in International Audit Economics and Finance is a one year program (“master 2” level) offered jointly by the School of Economics and the School of Management/ IAE. The first semester is dedicated to studies, while the second semester is dedicated to internship or master thesis. Two tracks are available: international economics and finance and international audit and finance.
Foreign students will attend a “French as a Foreign Language” course, in order to help them better integrate their environment and be able to appreciate French culture.


  • Access to professions in accounting, finance and economics in international private companies (big 4, banking sector...) or public institutions (government administration, international organizations…)
  • Acquire skills to analyze real-life situations by combining theoretical models, statistical methods and econometric tools
  • Consider a context characterized by larger trade openness, increasing financial complexity and transparency (study of US Gaap and IFRS)
  • Provide an integrated vision of economics and finance


The master is entirely taught in English. French as a Foreign Language (FLE) course is mandatory.


Graduates from the MSc in International Economics and Finance will find positions in economics, accounting and financial services in large listed companies, auditing firms, bilateral development agencies (GIZ, NORAD…), government bodies, international organizations, NGOs…

Admission and entry requirements

  • Candidates must have succesfully completed 4 years in Higher Education Institutions, in order to entry a master’s degree second year: either a four year bachelor’s degree, or a three year bachelor’s degree and one first year of master’s degree.
  • An upper second class Honors bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, accounting or a related discipline. Candidates are expected to have received a good training in either economics and/or finance/accounting and to have more than basic knowledge in calculus and statistics.
  • Candidates who are not native English speakers will match our English Language Requirements by holding an English language qualification to the right level: IELTS: 7; TOEFL IBT: 75, Cambridge English advanced certificate, TOEIC 850.

Application: the process depends on your nationality

1. If you are a resident of one of the countries listed hereunder, contact Campus France office of your country: www.nom du, example: You are also invited to apply on line:

Burkina Faso
Congo Brazzaville
Coast of Ivory


South korea

2. If you are not a citizen of one of those countries, please fill in the application file and e-mail it with the required documents to:

More on why you should study this course

  • The University of Clermont Auvergne is regularly ranked amongst the best French Universities, The School of Economics is leader in France for teaching Development Economics and the School of Management is accredited IAE France.
  • The School of Economics and the School of Management are combining their expertise to offer a unique program..
  • The CERDI (Center for Studies and Research in International Development, sponsored by CNRS and IRD) is recognized as a leading institution in research dedicated to international development economics.
  • The CleRMa (Clermont Research Management) focuses its research on Governance, which includes research on accounting and finance.
  • A helpful and enthusiastic staff will welcome you and help you deal with all different issues: housing, insurance…

Selection criteria

Eligible applications (with all supporting documents) will be assessed by a commission of faculty members from both schools (School of Economics and School of Management). Assessment will be based on academic merit (the relevance of the degree/courses studied and overall grades), motivation, references/recommendations, curriculum vitae and language skills

  • A committee of professors from both Schools will select candidates.
  • Candidates must apply near the School of Economics for the track in international Economics and Finance (2A) and near the School of Management/IAE for the track in International Finance and Audit (2B).

Tuition fees

National tuition fees for European students (around 250 euros, voted in July every year)
Tuition fees for non-European students: 500 euros.

TO BE NOTED: Students who enrol in track 2A “International Economics and Finance” will receive two diplomas

  • Master in Development Economics awarded by the School of Economics
  • Master of Finance awarded by the School of Management /IAE

Consequently, they will be asked tuition fees for the second diploma.

The advantages of studying at the University of Clermont Auvergne

In a unique, natural setting located at the crossroads of Europe, the University of Clermont Auvergne is a multi-disciplinary institution centered on five major fields: law-economics- management / Life sciences, health and environment/ Humanities/ tehnology and engineering/ basic sciences.
Some figures: 35000 students, 1300 professor-researchers 35 research centers.
  • The university is regularly ranked amongst the best French Universities.
  • A very helpful and enthusiastic staff will welcome you and help you deal with all different issues: housing, insurance…
  • Situated in the valley of Auvergne’s volcano park, the university offers excellent conditions for study and work in a green region overflowing with a vibrant cultural and sporting life.

Situated in Clermont-Ferrand, in Auvergne’s volcano park, the university offers excellent conditions for study and in a green region with a vibrant and vigorous cultural, sports and community life.