DUPEG : University Diploma of Preparation for Economic and Management Studies (EN)


Prepare non-French speaking students to integrate the Bachelor's degree in Economics or Management, by compensating for the linguistic and technical deficiencies noted:
  • Support them towards a minimum level B2 in French according to the CECRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Teach them more particularly the vocabulary of economics and management used during the bachelor's degree, through courses taught in French in these disciplines.
  • Depending on the studies they have previously carried out, students who have validated the DUPEG may enter different levels of the bachelor’s degree, but mainly the first year.


A 200-hour training semester structured into 90 hours of French language instruction and 110 hours of instruction in economics and management, in French, using visual aids, to consolidate the knowledge of the tertiary sector.

The studies are always during the second semester of the academic year. During the first semester, students will often have taken French courses in their country or at the FLEURA centre of UCA, or any other training centre.

Between the two semesters, an intensive FLE course is proposed to DUPEG students, this course being strongly recommended if they have not yet reached level B1 at the end of the first semester.

All DUPEG courses are held at the School of Economics of the University of Clermont Auvergne, in the same premises as the undergraduate courses.


The University Diploma "Preparation for Economic and Management Studies" is more particularly relevant for:

  • Foreign students who do not have a perfect command of the French language in economics and/or management
  • Foreign students who do not have knowledge of the economic environment and French business management
  • Students under the VAE - VAP

Training programme

TEACHING UNIT 1 : French as a foreign language (90hours)

TEACHING UNIT 2 : Management

  • Management (20h)
  • Marketing (20h)

TEACHING UNIT 3 : Economics

  • Macroeconomics (20h)
  • Microeconomics (20h)

TEACHING UNIT 4 : Quantitatives techniques

  • Mathematics (15h)
  • Statistics (15h)

Admission requirements

Candidates must hold a secondary school diploma.
They must have obtained at least the equivalent of 12/20 in the foreign language they studied, whichever it is.
In the case of Chinese students, they must have obtained at least 450 points in Gaokao (or the level allowing at least admission to a second-rate university), with at least 100 points in the foreign language studied.

Students are selected based on an application file, including a CV, a cover letter, and the results of the secondary school leaving examination, a copy of the ID with a picture. Where applicable, candidates will integrate the results obtained in higher education prior to DUPEG training.

The FLEURA centre, based on their applications and interviews on site, at student fairs abroad, also recruits some students.

Application/Registration Fees

The tuition for the DUPEG training course is 4000 euros.

This price includes:

  • 200 hours of teaching
  • Assistance with administrative, banking, telephone and other needs.

Training schedule

The training takes place over four months between the beginning of March and the end of June