Academic offer

The bachelor and master degrees are fixed  programmes of study. International degree seeking students will select a degree,  attend all courses of the degree and write all examinations related to these courses. Exchange students, who do not receive a diploma from UCA School of Economics, may select courses among the whole offer of the School, and are also allowed to select up to two courses in the School of Management offer.

Students will receive grades and credits  from the "European Credit Transfer System" (ECTS). The grading system is as follows

The following degrees are offered at the School of Economics, UCA:
  • Bachelor degrees (lien vers scolarité)
  • Master degrees taught in French (lien vers scolarité)
  • Master degrees taught in English (lien vers la scolarité)
  • Doctoral degree (lien vers ecole doctorale)
Exchange students are invited to select courses in the lists below :