Double Degree Master Programme in Development Economics - Göttingen

The UCA (University of Clermont Auvergne) and the Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen (UGOE), Germany, two leading European universities in the field of Development Economics are jointly proposing this master programme. Successful enrolled students will receive two diplomas after two years of studies :

  • UCA : Master Economie du développement, parcours « Development Economics » - 120 ECTS
  • UGOE : Master of Science in Development Economics- 120 ECTS

Both degrees are national degrees. All teachings are in English.

The double degree - A human and cultural adventure                A positive signal in your CV

By implementing the double-degree, the two universities want to propose their students the opportunity to differentiate themselves on the job market, to multiply their professional opportunities, their personal and professional enrichment, to improve their foreign language skills, and to better master intercultural codes.

A double-degree is a great signal towards employers: it means the graduate is persevering, will be familiar with cross-cutting issues and will have a greater maturity. It also shows the adaptability and open-mindedness of the graduate from such a course.

Objectives and orientation

  • Offering a broad vision of economic development issues and using the standard operational tools of economic analysis.
  • Considering a context characterized by a growing trade and financial openness.
  • Examining market imperfections, inequality, poverty
  • Combining macro and microeconomic analysis, and considering short term as well as long-term issues.
  • Analyzing real situations and carry out a diagnosis by combining theoretical developments and statistics and/or econometrics approaches.
  • Designing development policies
  • Defining and promoting development programmes or projects
  • Integrating an international environment and multidisciplinary teams
  • Communicating with an expert public.
  • Leading outreach activities for a non-expert audience
  • Leading a team in a development programme or project
  • Operating databases

Graduates form the Double master degree in Development Economics will work as professional economists on development issues in International organisations -United Nations agencies, banks of development,  bilateral agencies for development- NGOs, community-based organisations, Governments -national agencies for development, economic policy analysis units, ministries- firms, financial sector, acadomia, consultancies…

Mobility Scheme

Students perform one year in each institution. Credits earned during the first year of studies are transferred to the second institution. Candidates apply near the institution where they wish to study the first year of the programme.

In both universities, semester 4 consists of a master thesis, joint supervision by members of both universities is encouraged but not mandatory.

Assets of the programme

Participating in this programme means benefitting from the expertise of two renown research teams in the field of development:

  • At UCA your professors are researchers from the CERDI (center for Studies and Research on International development) and also guest professors from partner universities, from renown Research Centres such as IRD (Institut pour la recherche et le développement), EDI Global London and Tanzania, from Development Agencies such as DIE (Deutsche Institut für Entwicklung).
  • At UGOE the Master of Science in Development Economics is jointly offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics and the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. It builds on the successful Master of Science in International Economics and Master of Arts in Agribusiness; these programmes already had a strong specialization in development issues. This research-oriented master programme is dedicated solely to the study of development economics issues.

At UCA, all courses are core courses, whereas at UGOE, students may build their own programme, and make a focus on agricultural economics, or economics of crime, China economics…

Application and admission

Each university admits up to 5 candidates per academic year. Candidates are selected by the university they apply to.

Learn more about the admission criteria.

Applicants complete a double degree application form, and submit their application file by January 1st.

Tuition and fees

Students are registered in both universities during all their studies. However they only pay registration and other fees to the institution where they actually are.

  • Year 1 at UCA: national fees + CVEC; registered with no charge at UGOE. Year 1 at UGOE: national fees at UGOE ; registered with no charge at UCA
  • Year 2 at UGOE: registered with no charge at UCA, national fees at UGOE. Year 2 at UCA: national fees +CVEC ; registered with no charge at UGOE.

Enrolled students will benefit from the Erasmus scholarship while in mobility in the partner institution.