This scholarship is granted to master 2 students of the school of economics, lasts 10 months, and is worth 600 euros per month. Application are assessed by a selection committee of professors.
Students may apply :
  • during the first year of the master's degree they are enrolled in, after the results of the first semester are published, by sending an e-mail to the school "scolarité" office":, attaching a declaration on honour attesting to the absence of a scholarship or remuneration from an employer or specifying the amount and duration of the scholarship.

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

Practical guide Eiffel
Vademecum Eiffel

Eiffel applications take a long time to process, so the UCA School of Economics will accept applications until 20 November 2023.

To apply, please send an email to, which should contain:
- your letter of motivation for the master's programme you have identified (
- copy of your identity document (passport)
- copy of your university transcripts of records
- copy of your diplomas
- academic letter of recommendation (at least one, preferably more)
- CV

Eligibility conditions should be noted (see vademecum)

  • Nationality

This programme is reserved for applicants of foreign nationality. Candidates with dual nationality, one of whom is French, are not eligible.

  • Age

Master’s level candidates must have been born after 31 March 1998

Doctorate’s level candidates must have been born after 31 March 1993

  • Geographical situation

Master's level: applicants currently studying in France are ineligible.

Doctorate level: students studying abroad have priority over those already resident in France.

  • If previous application

Institutions may nominate for a doctoral scholarship a candidate who has already been awarded an Eiffel scholarship at master's level.

A candidate who has already received an Eiffel scholarship as part of his or her doctorate is not eligible for another Eiffel scholarship.

The application of a student whose application was not accepted during a previous selection for this level is not admissible, even if this application is presented by a different institution or in another field of study.

  • Combination of grants

Foreign students already receiving a grant from the French government under another programme at the time of application are not eligible, even if the grant only covers social security cover.

ATTENTION, support for the Eiffel scholarship does not imply automatic admission to the course.

An application file for the course must also be submitted in accordance with the application procedure and dates:

 Being awarded the Eiffel scholarship does not imply automatic granting of a study visa in France. It is imperative to be registered on the "Etudes en France" platform if the candidate resides in a country with a CEF procedure.

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